Soren Capawanna: How to Care for a Stray Kitten

11 Feb

A foster caregiver to stray cats in Boston, Soren Capawanna is no stranger to the issues facing strays. Each year, shelters nationwide are crowded with unwanted animals, kittens in particular, while kittens born outdoors are left to fend for themselves. Here, Ms. Capawanna explains what to do if you find a stray kitten.

1. Wait and see if the mother is around. The best option is to reunite the kitten with its mother.
2. If not, the next step is to provide the kitten with shelter. Offer it food, if needed, to catch it.
3. Create a warm bed for the kitten. Animals at this age cannot regulate their body temperature and need to be protected from the cold and drafts.
4. Contact a veterinarian. This will help to determine the kitten’s precise age, which is important because it dictates the type of food the kitten needs, and how often it should be fed. A vet also will test the kitten for illnesses and parasites.

A healthcare administrator, Soren Capawanna volunteers for a number of charitable organizations, including the Boston Stray Cat Rescue.


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